1505 Gin

Contract distilled in Scotland by Summerhall Distillery.

Summerhall Distillery has launched “1505 Gin” in partnership with Surgeons Quarter (the commercial arm of the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh) inspired by the unique distilling history of the medical institution.

In July 1505, the Barbers Surgeons of Edinburgh were granted the first ever licence to distil alcohol within the city, giving them the monopoly to distil medicinal Aquae Vitae (or water of life). Now 514 years later, the neighbouring Summerhall Distillery have created a tribute to the original Aquae Vitae recipe, using five of the original herbs and spices used to treat patients, including: Hedge Mustard, Pink Peppercorn, Gillyflower, Fennel and Cumin.

1505 Gin is distilled in small batches in copper pot stills under half a mile from the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. The gin is made using fifteen botanicals for a juniper-led, soft and gently spiced gin. The resulting gin is a balance of traditional Juniper and citrus alongside an aromatic and spicy finish.


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