New exclusive experimental gin range launches from Edinburgh Gin

The team at Edinburgh Gin are no stranger to experimentation. Rather than sticking to one or two core gins, their vibrant range spans traditional, spicy or fruity gins, pre-mixed cans and a selection of flavoured gin liqueurs. Now, they’ve gone a step further with a new range of truly experimental gins for us to try. This new, limited and exclusive range features Old Tom Gin, Salt n Sauce Gin and Cranachan Gin.

Old Tom Gin

Number 1 in the new range is Edinburgh Gin Old Tom. It’s a contemporary take on a centuries-old gin style that’s traditionally sweeter than standard dry gins. Tonka beans, sarsaparilla root, macadamia nuts and meadowsweet give the gin notes of vanilla and almonds with a rich, nutty, bittersweet flavour. The post-distillation addition of agave syrup enhances the subtle sweetness and gives the gin a smooth and viscous mouthfeel.

Salt n Sauce Gin

Honestly one of the most experimental gin flavours, we’ve come across, Salt n Sauce Gin is a nod to the East of Scotland’s preferred condiment to chips. Tangy tamarind is balanced by sweet, juicy dates. Apples add to the fruit sweetness, tomato powder adds a savoury base and a touch of chilli adds some warmth. There’s even some vinegar distilled to add tang and a salty element comes from bladderwrack seaweed, also used in the Edinburgh Seaside Gin. We have to try this!

Cranachan Gin

Another traditional Scottish food is the inspiration for this expression. Creamy, fruity cranachan is a well-loved Scots pudding.

A raspberry base created with fresh Perthshire raspberries and freeze-dried raspberry powder. This is then matured for three months in an ex-Glengoyne Single Malt Whisky cask allowing the gin to extract notes of vanilla and whisky from the cask. Post-maturation the gin is further infused with toasted oats (giving it a very slight haze), fresh raspberries, that delivers its faint pink colour. Finally, East Lothian honey from the Edinburgh HoneyCompany is added delivering a balanced sweetness and fuller mouth-feel.

The new experimental series is the collective investing of Edinburgh Gin distillers Finlay Nicol, David Wilkinson and Callum Munro and you can read their thoughts on the gins here. It’s fantastic to see this continued innovation in Scottish Gin production and we look forward to trying each of these exciting flavours!

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