A feast of festive flavours from Pickering’s Gin

Pickering’s Gin has become a bit of a Christmas must-have for the flavour-loving gin-lovers. Have you tried their famous Brussells sprout gin yet (it’s actually incredibly tasty!)? Well, this year, as a follow up to the huge success of Pickering’s Flavoured Gin Baubles.

The pioneering Edinburgh-based gin brand have released a range of exciting, new festive flavours including Christmas Cookie, Pecan Pie, Chocolate Orange and Later Than Eight (have a wild guess as to which flavour that is).

Distilled at Summerhall Distillery, Pickering’s Festive Flavours are based on the original recipe for Pickering’s Classic Gin with natural flavours and colours. Co-Founder and Head Distiller, Matt Gammell comments:

“It was a fun challenge for us to create these familiar festive flavours into delicious gins. The distilling team and I spent quite some time in our botanical room ensuring each flavour was perfectly balanced and tasted exactly how you would expect.”
“I’m happy to say that the new festive flavours didn’t have quite as pungent a smell as our Brussels Sprout Gin did… making the tasting and perfecting of these four spirits more enjoyable. We love the end result of these festive flavours and hope our customers can indulge and enjoy them with friends and family over the festive period.”

And what can you respect from these Christmassy tipples – see below for the tasting notes for each:

Pecan Pie Gin

Deep notes of treacle and walnuts on the nose. This special, festive gin finishes with a slight fruity aroma and a butter, custard-like sweetness.

Later Than Eight Gin

Refreshing notes of peppermint combine with bittersweet, rich dark chocolate. Smooth and sweet on the palate, making for the perfect finish to a festive meal.

Christmas Cookie Gin

Sweet vanilla combines with rich creamy notes to create this cookies and cream-esque ginnovation.

Chocolate Orange Gin

This modern take on a citrus gin makes for the perfect festive tipple. Delicate notes of creamy milk chocolate combine with zesty orange.

Brussels Sprout Gin

Distinctively sprouty on the nose, but don’t let its sprouty nose fool you. This gin finishes with a delightfully herbaceous, fresh green pepper twang.

Don’t wait to see if you have these under the tree, go ahead and treat yourself or a loved one today!

Pickering’s Festive Flavoured Gins are available as giftable 200ml and 50ml sized bottles. The 200ml
bottles can be bought individually or as part of Pickering’s Gin Selection Box.

The 50ml bottles are sold collectively as Pickering’s Festive Save My Seat Set, making for the perfect gift at the Christmas dinner table with four flavoured gin favours. Browse the full range here and enjoy your festive gins responsibly!

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