New Navy Strength Spiced Gin joins the Inspirited family

Bye-bye summer! We’re already over it because there’s a new spiced gin on the block and it sounds perfect for the chillier autumn days that are on their way!

Punchy, spicy and bold yet smooth and balanced The new Inspirited Navy Strength Spiced gin is sure to float your boat. Unlike other navy strength gins, the Inspirited team decided not to simply release a high ABV version of the fantastic original. No.

In order to ensure that no delicate flavours were lost in the higher percentage version, they created a gin tailor-made for 57.1% ABV. This bottle is packed full of botanicals and spices each of which plays a key role in maintaining a smooth sipping gin with plenty of flavour.

Sounds like the ideal gin for those cold winters nights or for a celebration with friends – or dare we say it – the perfect Christmas treat?

The recommended Perfect Serve is with Fever-Tree Indian Tonic, a slice of orange or grapefruit, lots of ice. It’s also perfect for cocktails like a classic Negroni or a South Side.

Inspirited Navy Strength Gin Profile:

On the nose: Piney with a nutty sweetness

On the palate: Burst of warming spices, intense Kentish cobnut, angelica root and galangal

On the finish: Smooth finish with notes of kaffir lime, cardamom and pepper

Cost: £33.99 from their online shop

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