‘The Ravens’ bring two exciting new gin expressions to the nest

It’s been a thrilling few weeks of exploration for us as the Ravens of HRAFN GIN took us on an amazing adventure to give us more of an insight into Raven Spirits. From a series of cryptic emails and captivating stories and videos, we have been immersed in the back story of HRAFN GIN, but more excitingly, their immediate future!

A quick overview for you. The story behind HRAFN GIN is the story of two brothers, Callum and Peter, who have a deep love of whiskey and set off on a journey to create a premium Scottish Gin that would stand on its own with incredible depth of flavour. So, from their home in Aberdeenshire, they did just that. In fact, they created three wonderful multi-award-winning gins. No, hang on, make that FIVE!

The story of the journey from a whiskey-fuelled brotherly discussion to the development of Raven Spirits and the inspiration behind it is fascinating and uplifting and we urge you to learn more about it here.

But we want to give you the BIG news from the Raven’s nest and that is the release of two awesome new Scottish Gins – Valkyrie and Cranachan (yes, it’s pink!).

HRAFN Valkyrie Gin is the latest London Dry expression from HRAFN GIN. But it’s a touch on the lighter side and contains a very interesting and (we think unique?) botanical in the form of Jara fruit. This zesty citrus fruit gives valkyrie Gin an amazing fresh zing to give you a sturdy gin that still remains fresh and bright and is perfect for summer G&Ts.

HRAFN Chranachan Gin is something very special! It’s a pink gin, but put away any thoughts of hen parties. This spirit remains true to the HRAFN ethos of a full and flavoursome gin, but with a fruity twist. It’s made with local raspberries, honey, oats and new make malt spirit, and it was created as a homage to the ‘Scottish King of Desserts’. And you will not be disappointed with this berry-ful beverage! We see it as THE perfect summertime gin, served long and cold with a mixer of your choice (but a light tonic works wonderfully, paired with fresh raspberries).

And already the new expressions are causing a stir in the gin world. HRAFN GIN ‘Valkyrie,’ secured a rare Master medal at the prestigious International Gin Masters 2021 competition,

Hosted by The Spirits Business, the awards recognise the best of each category in spirit distillation, taking a special interest in global gin brands. HRAFN GIN ‘Valkyrie’ was blind tasted against global competitors in the London Dry category by independent judges, with no brand affiliations. The award of a ‘Master’ medal is the pinnacle accolade and rare. HRAFN GIN ‘Valkyrie’ was only released on the 1st of June and also received a Gold medal in the ‘Premium’ category. For the award of a Master medal every judge must score the gin at over 90%, so this is testimony indeed for this new expression!

To celebrate the launch of these wonderful new hatchlings, we’ll be sharing a series of posts over the coming weeks with mouthwatering cocktail suggestions using bot gins. But wait! You’d better buy yours first! You can buy HRAFN Valkyrie for £37 for 70cl here and HRAFN Chranacan for £35 for 70cl here.

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