Isle of Harris meadowsweet tincture

Isle of Harris Distillers Launch the Harris Meadowsweet Tincture

Are you a big fan of Harris Gin? Good news for you! Isle of Harris Distillers has announced a new release from their experimental apothecary range of local botanical inventions, designed to complement Isle of Harris Gin drinks and cocktails. Hand-picked in south Harris in 2020, Meadowsweet is an ancient Hebridean brewing plant and is the mainstay of this new tincture that’s quite different to previous launches as the Meadowsweet Tincture.

Known for generations for natural medicine, Meadowsweet was renowned for reducing fevers and pain. The tincture shared today also contains lemon and sweetened plum vinegar, much prized for balancing digestion and calming inflammation. In combination, the Harris Meadowsweet Tincture does a fantastic job of evoking the unique tastes and scents of an island spring.

How do you enjoy it? Simply add anything from a few drops to a dropper-full to Harris G&T’s, martinis, or simply have fun experimenting in your favourite serves.

When tasted neat:
You get a burst of lemon and vinegar on the nose. Sharp, sweet, and slightly floral, it works in tandem with darker undertones of plum, vintage grapes and blackcurrant.
On the pallet it is viscous. Citrus, sherbet sweetness and soft vinegar notes hit the tongue, followed quickly by plum, grapes and soft cereal notes.
The finish is long and satisfying with a slight floral bitterness at the end.

When added to Isle of Harris Gin:
On the nose, more green, pine and floral flavours come to the fore with the sugar kelp enhanced by the darker notes of the tincture.

On the palate, the pine and green notes are twinned with lingering citrus and slight bitterness, not dissimilar to that found in the pulp of a grapefruit.

The finish is long and lingering with strong hints of plum and blackcurrant, fading to floral flavours which invite another sip.

You can buy the new tincture from the Isle of Harris Distillery site from Friday 9th April.

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