Ben Lomond Gin launches miniature gift pack in time for Spring

Don’t know if it’s the lighter mornings and evenings, but there is a decidedly spring-like vibe in the air here at Scottish Gin HQ. So it’s heartening to see some new gin products f=reflecting that feeling!

We’ve just heard that Ben Lomond Gin has unveiled its first-ever gift pack, containing its two infused gins: Raspberry & Elderflower and Blackberry & Gooseberry, along with its original London Dry-style premium Scottish gin, Ben Lomond Gin. 

The trio pack of miniatures, which is available to purchase here for £15 provides a choice of refreshing gins to be enjoyed during the warmer spring weather.  The gift pack includes a 5cl bottle of each gin, all of which can be used for a delightful Gin & Tonic or as part of a light, spring cocktail. The pack is presented in a beautifully designed box, with detailed drawings inspired by the botanicals and fruits used to create each of the spirits.

Ben Lomond Gin launched its two flavoured gins last summer following the successful launch of its debut gin in 2019. Each expression draws its inspiration from the natural flora within the iconic Loch Lomond National Park, capturing both the beauty and the enticing flavours of the area.

The delicately balanced Raspberry and Elderflower Gin (38% ABV) has natural berry and floral essences which amplify the succulently sweet flavours of the core gin – offering a refreshing, yet sweet tipple that’s filled with tart summer berries, herby floral notes and is backed by an unmistakeable juniper-led profile. 

The combination of berries in the Blackberry and Gooseberry Gin (38% ABV) intermingle perfectly, creating a rich and  zesty flavour, with the sweetness from the blackberries balanced perfectly with the sharp, tangy flavour of gooseberries, creating an intense yet beautifully balanced fruity flavour.

The original Ben Lomond Gin (43%), is a classic style gin that has been created using 11 botanicals, including hand-picked Scottish berries, blackcurrants and locally foraged rowan berries.  Expertly blended, Ben Lomond Gin is vibrant and crisp whilst still offering a delicate berry twist.

Each of the gins can be enjoyed as a classic Gin & Tonic or used as part of a refreshing spring cocktail. Ben Lomond’s Vanilla & Mint Bramble takes Ben Lomond Blackberry & Gooseberry Gin, along with lemon juice, sugar syrup, fresh mint leaves and a dash of vanilla to create a delicious cocktail, best served over crushed ice and a sprig of mint.

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