New Limited edition Gin from Eden Mill released

The new Oak Old Tom gin is the first limited edition release from its Distiller’s Choice premium gin collection.

The new Distiller’s Choice range will be an exciting collection of gin expressions created by the expert distilling tea at Eden Mill Distillery. They will showcase the best of old and new distilling techniques to create a range of gins that appeal to gin connoisseurs.

Co-founder Tony Kelly said: “Eden Mill has always been at the forefront of trends within the spirits industry and we pride ourselves on our pioneering spirit and desire to go beyond the conventional.

“With our Distiller’s Choice range, we’d like to take our audience back to our roots when our distilling team would create various small-batch gin expressions and experiment with techniques and flavours.”

Old Tom Gin is a slightly sweeter creation that was named during the gin craze in the 1700s, when government tried to stop public houses selling gin, which they blamed for ‘extreme drunkenness’ and crime by introducing taxes.

So to get around the licensing pubs would display plaque shaped like a black cat on their wall on the street. Gin lovers would place a penny in the cat’s mouth and allegedly say ‘puss puss’ before placing their lips around a small tube between the cat’s paws. The bartender would then pour a shot of gin through the tube and into the customer’s waiting mouth.

The gin is aged using the same American Oak chips from Eden Mill’s Oak Gin, creating a balance of creamy oak and vanilla sweetness combined with the aromatic cassia spice and a light peppery finish.

Eden Mill’s Distiller’s Choice Oak Old Tom Gin (£40, ABV 49%) is available online now.

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