Time for a Ginsolation?

Yes, we understand how you’re feeling. There we were, all ready for a bright and happy new year – maybe even considering a health kick and (dare we say it) Dry January? Then boom. Back to lockdown.

At least this time around we have a light at the end of the tunnel, so we’re determined to stay positive, pull together and get through this (but sorry, Dry January, that ain’t happening!).

Here’s something to help see you through, why not treat yourself – or someone who needs it – to a Ginsolation pack, available from award-winning NB Distillery.

Not only do these packs contain the all-important hand sanitiser, but each has enough wonderful NB Gin and Bon Accord tonics to help see you through the tough times ahead.

Available in a range of options, including Navy Strength and Samphire, the packs, along with a great selection of other products are available on the NB website and if you’re quick, you might bag yourself a super new year discount!

Please enjoy your gin responsibly.

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