Stirling Distillery launch new Pink Lady Gin

Deespite a year of bad news, the Scottish Gin industry keeps throwing us snippets of good news and we were very happy to hear about the launch of a new pink gin from Stirling Distillery, called ‘Pink Lady’.

The new gin has been inspired by the distillery’s co-founder’s daughter Elle McCann and with artwork from former Forth Valley College art student Estelle Redding, this is a wonderful addition to the ever-expanding Folklore collection. 

With Stirling Distillery’s Folklore Collection being steeped with stories of Scottish History, the Pink Lady gin comes with a story of its own, that in keeps with the Folklore tradition.  A young, noble and beautiful woman was betrothed to a brave Scots knight who defended Stirling castle against the English siege of 1304. That very night, her true love died during the battle. She died shortly after, heartbroken at the thought of never seeing her true love again. Her lonely spirit is said to be wandering the Castle and the Kirk Tower in the dead of night in her elegant and distinct pink robes. 

Distilled using our main still Flora, the Pink Lady is a refreshing gin with 12 delicious botanicals including rose petals, pink peppercorn and pink grapefruit. It is delicately fragranced with juniper and spices as well as floral and pepper to leave your taste buds craving more. To maximise its delight, we recommended serving over ice with a slice of pink grapefruit and Fever-tree Mediterranean tonic, or if you fancy spicing things up a little add a slice of fresh chilli to create an even more unique experience.  

Co-Founder June McCann quotes “Our Pink Lady Gin inspiration came from yet another Folklore story here in Stirling, of a heartbroken noble woman of Stirling in 1300 and with our very own Pink Lady daughter Elle who now has a gin to match 90% or her wardrobe!!!”

Pink Lady Gin is available in 50cl and 5cl bottles BUY YOURS here.

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