McLean’s Gin supports tribute to local legend, Sir Harry Lauder

The Scottish Gin Society is pleased to be part of an exciting collaboration between McLean’s Gin and Jamie MacDougall’s new tribute to Harry Lauder.

Sir Harry Lauder was a renowned Scottish singer and comedian who lived at his Strathaven estate from 1936 until his death in 1950. The house, Lauder Ha’, saw many famous visitors including Laurel and Hardy, Bob Hope and Sir Winston Churchill.

And as the very talented Jamie MacDougall releases a recording of his Harry Lauder tribute show, he has paired up with another Strathaven legend – McLean’s Gin (distilled in the company’s Strathaven Gin Lab) to celebrate the life of the great man – with a wonderful, local Scottish Gin.

From humble beginnings in a Glasgow tenement cupboard, McLeans Gin has risen to be a firm favourite of Scottish Gin fans, with an enticing range of 6 expressions available.

As a 10-year old boy, MacDougall saw a performance from Jimmy Logan about Harry lauder and was captivated by the man and his songs ever since. Last year, he put together a replica of that show with the plan of touring around Scotland with it to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Lauder’s birth.

However, as lockdown put an end to his plans for a tour, he crowdfunded the opportunity to perform and record it in Edinburgh’s King’s Theatre, with no audience.

The result is a masterpiece of a show, both funny and moving and an excellent tribute to the great man. It’s the ideal excuse for putting your feet up of an evening and watching it with a perfect serve Scottish Gin (or two).

Photo credits: Strathaven Echoes

The Scottish Gin Society and McLean’s Gin have joined forces with Jamie MacDougall to promote the show and are offering our followers the chance to enjoy the performance AND the opportunity to win one of TEN bottles of McLean’s Gin to boot!

We hope you enjoy the performance and good luck in the competition – check out our social media posts for details of how to win. Over 18s only.

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