Boë Gin questions tonic’s crown as the UK’s mixer of choice

Shocking news. Gin drinkers in the UK are mixing their spirit with something other than tonic… and more often than not it’s LEMONADE.

Well, okay, we’re not actually that shocked. But research from Scottish-based Boë Gin has raised a few eyebrows from traditional gin drinkers. It has found that 53% of 18-34-year-olds now prefer a gin and lemonade (G&L), with just 26% opting for tonic as a mixer.

And it’s not just the pesky kids – the rising popularity of flavoured gins has meant that lemonade is becoming a popular choice of mixer across the board. 52% of flavoured gin drinkers say it’s their mixer of choice.

So does this spell the beginning of the end for tonic? We doubt it.

But Boë Gin want to get the debate going and their new campaign is asking the public to vote – are you #TeamG&T or #TeamG&L. They have launched a competition on their social channels to get people voting.

We’ll be interested to see the results. Far be it for us to tell people how to enjoy their gin, we think it’s really a matter of personal choice and all experimentation and innovation should be welcomed!

Move over tonic? Watch this space…

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