Isle of Harris Distillers launch The Cèilidh Bottle

If you’ve ever been to a Scottish wedding or went to school in Scotland, you will be familiar with the cèilidh. But if you’re still in the dark, the Gaelic word cèilidh (pronounced kay-lee) is mostly associated with kilts, highland dancing and a full band of Scottish musicians. But, did you know, the word simply means visiting and socialising with friends? True. And in the Outer
Hebrides it’s an age-old tradition born from the blackhouse days gone by, through the old village hall dances, and into the Harris homes of the 21st century. An invite to ‘come round for a wee cèilidh’, requires no fuss or
formality. Just bring yourself (and something to drink!). Sounds like an invitation we couldn’t turn down!

The new Isle of Harris Gin Cèilidh bottle is all about taking the life-affirming warmth and welcome of the island and its people to the wider world, sharing the spirit through gatherings filled with friendship and conviviality, music, stories and more. It’s about celebrating the joys of community and connection to each other, no matter how far apart we may find ourselves from friends and family in these unusual times.

The Bottle
With the help of ceramicist Rupert Blamire, Isle of Harris distillery have created a very special object to embody the spirit of The Harris Cèilidh, made by hand with craft and care, a rare thing and rather limited in nature. It is designed to be given and shared with others, providing a unique new way to socially connect, even at a safe social distance.

Each bottle is glazed in the beautiful colours of the island’s sea and sky, with wonderfully tactile patterning. At 350ml in size, The Cèilidh Bottle is ideal to present and pour, helping to better enjoy an evening among old friends and family. Send to loved ones and arrange to join them for a drink and a cèilidh online. Or, simply to let them know you’re missing their good company.

The bottle is also presented in a carefully designed box which carries a simple guide to creating your own cèilidh, and holds three postcards from Harris to send to others, inviting them to re-connect and join The Harris Cèilidh with you too.

Get yours for £45.00 + delivery (350ml bottle), available on while stocks last.

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