Stunning new look for King’s Hill Gin

Just. Wow. What else could we say when the team at The Pentland Still let us in on the striking new look for their King’s Hill Gin?

The absolutely stunning new bottle launches on 1st August and we’re certain it’s going to be a must for any self-respecting gin shelf!

The Pentland Still Company can be found at the foot of Edinburgh’s Pentland Hills (naturally), founded by Sandy Morrison in 2017. Sandy painstakingly and lovingly distils every bottle of King’s Hill Gin there, using locally foraged botanicals such as Rosehip, Heather, Gorse and Elderflower and the result is an amazingly smooth gin that is deep and full of character.

And now, displayed in this gorgeous bottle, we love it even more. *Adds King’s Hill to shopping list*

Sandy told us about the ideas behind the new bottle design:

Embellishment – The copper embellishment on the front that’s bashed out with our logo is representative of our hand bashed copper pot still “Marion” – named after my late grandmother.
Colour – The beautiful blue hue on our bottle fading out to clear is representative of the fresh, clear water we use from Glencorse reservoir in our Gin, the slopes of King’s Hill run all the way to the edge of this reservoir.
Glassware – The almost ‘diamond’ cut effect to the glass is a nod to our Gin’s royal heritage. This effect on the glass, especially in the sunlight, seems to sparkle like the jewels in a King’s crown might once have done.
Shape –  Finally the shape of the bottle with the slightly fluted end, a bit like a wine carafe, is also symbolic of my wife and I’s other love, wine!

You can get your very own bottle from their online shop for £38.99 for 70cl.

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