Digital launch of new Ellis Lemon Gin

More exciting news, gin lovers! Ellis Gin is launching their 4th gin – Lemon Ellis Gin No.5 in their colourful fun range of gins on Saturday 1st August. 

Building on the success of their Lockdown virtual events, Carol Jackson, the founder of Ellis Gin is celebrating the event with an invitation-only Virtual Public Launch party on Friday 31st July.

If you haven’t learned about the delights of Ellis Gin before, they produce a range of naturally coloured and flavoured small batch flavoured gins – all distilled in Glasgow.   The range was designed to bring some fun and colour to the gin market.  We will drink to that!

There are now 4 gins in their exiting range;  

Ellis Gin No.2 – Scottish Bramble 

Ellis Gin No.3 Butterfly Pea both change colour when mixer is added 

Ellis Gin No.4 – Pink Shimmer is the pink gin with a different – it has a gold shimmer – giving it a mystical appearance

And now, Ellis Gin No.5 – a Luscious Lemon Gin – saw the first batch being pre-sold during lockdown via a crowdfunder campaign.   The public launch of the second batch of this delicious gin will happen on the 1st August –  a waitlist has been created and already more than half of the second batch has been pre-sold.

Ellis Gin No.5 – Lemon Gin is described as a Taste of Summer.  It is carefully crafted using the peel from over 140 Lemons in every batch.  It is naturally distilled to give a distinct lemon colour and a delicious zesty citrus flavour whilst still maintaining the distinct taste of gin.

As Carol says: “If life throws you lemons – slice them and add them to your gin.” Absolutely – cheers!

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