Reflections on where we are – Arbikie Distillery

As the shock of the last several weeks subsides, we’ve been speaking to some of our Scottish Gin friends to learn a bit about how the Coronavirus crisis has impacted their business and how they see the future panning out.

Here, we speak to Rachel, Marketing Manager at Arbikie and we’re heartened by her incredibly positive attitude!

 How has the Coronavirus crisis impacted your business so far?

We’re operating as normally, safely and positively as we can during this time. Our fantastic distilling team are still working away on spirit production by working separate days at the distillery. Our amazing farm team are also still operating safely and working hard to help fight the current food demands at the moment. Due to the lack of hand sanitiser, we have been proudly supporting our local frontline NHS staff by utilising our waste alcohol to make hand sanitiser. During these hard and uncertain times, it’s extremely uplifting to see communities and industries come to together to help one another.

What changes have you had to make to adapt to ‘the new normal’?

The main adaptation is having our teamwork remotely and ensuring that we all stay connected and motivated through catch-up calls and Zoom meetings.

What positives/upsides do you see in these weird times?

It’s been extremely humbling to see the amount of positivity and support from many within and out-with our industry. It seems everyone is doing their bit to work together to help one another get through this and you can see this support both locally and globally. This has certainly brought people together and it’s an extremely positive response to such strange and uncertain times.

How’s life at home?

Life at home is extremely different for the entire team at Arbikie. We are so widely spread across the country- in-fact the globe. However, the stunning views from our Estate will never be taken for granted. Especially with the views being right on the doorstep to Arbikie Estate that our hard-working distilling and farm team get to enjoy!

What are your hopes and plans for the next few months?

Remaining positive as a team and to continue work on our farm and distillery as safely and normally as we can! Adapting to the “new normal” will be a transition made by many others across the country and in these next few months it’s crucial we adapt in a positive and efficient way. 

And how about the coming year?

These days will pass and we look forward to continuing to produce our world-class home-grown spirits for everyone to enjoy. Whilst working alongside our core values as a brand, to provide the most sustainable and authentic spirits. 

How do you think this will affect the Scottish Gin industry as a whole?

This will absolutely affect the way we work as an industry both together and separately. It’s great to work in such a supportive industry where we can come together to help one another and that kind of support will forever remain.

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