Yorkshire’s Gins: What The Gin Clan did next

A year ago, a comprehensive guide to Scottish gins made its appearance on the bookshelves. Now Fiona Laing, the author of The Gin Clan, has surveyed all the gins of Yorkshire. Using the same approach as The Gin Clan, Fiona has profiled all the members of Yorkshire’s gin distilling clan who make their own gin on stills in Yorkshire. As in her Scottish book, there are also the Kith and Kin – Yorkshire folk who have gin made for them. 

Yorkshire’s Gins has 59 entries from right across the county – the cities, the Dales, the Moors and the coast. This number reflects the fact that Yorkshire has come to the gin making-table more recently than its Scottish colleagues. In Yorkshire, the first modern gin distillery was founded in 2013. In contrast, by that end of that year, there were at least 10 Scottish gin distilleries in operation. More than half of the gins in the Yorkshire book launched in 2018 and 2019. 

From the wild open spaces of the north to the industrial cities of the south, Yorkshire’s distillers are creating some of the finest gins in the country. Taking strength from the glorious countryside, rich history and that indefinable Yorkshire grit, they are inspired to make passionately crafted spirits.

Yorkshire’s Gins tells the stories of the gins, where the industry has come from and where it’s going. Discover how Yorkshire delicacies such as rhubarb or liquorice inspire the makers. See how brewers, farmers and artists have brought their talents to Yorkshire’s gin community.

Meet the gins inspired by Dracula, Captain Cook and York’s ancient walls; the brand launched on a moving train; the gin which uses “wonky” potatoes and gins made in bedrooms and other unlikely spaces.

Yorkshire’s Gins is a comprehensive guide to Yorkshire’s makers, distilleries and their gins. It is available from online from Great Northern Books visit  https://www.gnbooks.co.uk/product/yorkshires-gins/

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