Port of Leith Distillery adapts to help tackle crisis

At the beginning of March, Port of Leith Distillery founders Paddy and Ian had just returned from a successful investment-raising tour of the USA, exports of their gin were growing quickly around the world and construction of their new whisky distillery was progressing (more or less) to schedule. Things were looking pretty good!

A month later, and they have paused gin production while they make as much hand sanitiser as they can for frontline services. They’ve had everyone from the Police, to NHS nurses, GP surgeries, homeless charities, pharmacies and care homes coming to the stillhouse door as their usual suppliers have all run out. 

The team took the decision to supply this for free until the normal supply chain recovers. They have received many kind offers of donations towards costs, but accepting these could cause problems down the line with HMRC. Therefore, if you would like to help them, why not treat yourself to a bottle of their awesome Lind & Lime Gin. The revenues they make are directly supporting their endeavour. 

Surely there was never a more agreeable way to lend a hand? 

If you happen to run an organisation that might qualify for their free hand sanitiser, you can find out more about it here

You can order your bottle of Lind & Lime Gin here

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