Mackintosh announces the launch of 2 new gins

Some brilliant news from Mackintosh Gin in Arbroath, as they announce that they’ve completed the development of two new products, a Navy Strength Gin and an Old Tom Gin. 

The Navy Strength is called ‘Mackintosh Mariner Strength Gin’ and is bottled at 59% ABV. It’s said to be a beautiful cocktail gin that’s delicious in a Martini and in a Negroni!

The Old Tom Gin uses fresh grapefruit and fresh pineapple in the distilling process with candy syrup added, resulting in a sweeter gin. It is said to be floral with citrus flavours and a lingering taste, best enjoyed in a tall glass over ice, with a pineapple slice and topped up with lemonade.

The new gins are not on sale yet but are available to pre-order from The Mackintosh Gin Website.

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