Hendrick’s releases new Lunar Gin

The hugely successful and undeniably quirky Scottish Gin brand, Hendricks has announced the release of a new gin, inspired by the clear night skies over the Hendrick’s Gin Palace on the remote South Ayrshire coast.

Lunar Gin is the second limited edition release from Master Distiller Ms Lesley Gracie’s Cabinet of Curiosities at the Hendrick’s Gin Palace. The distiller describes the new gin as:

“There is the rich aroma of night scented flowers and in the background there, you can just about make out the refreshing burst of citrus.

“There is something magical about the sky at night and sharing that experience with those closest to you, and this gin wraps that sensation up in a glass.”

The UK Brand Ambassador for Hendricks, Sasha Filimonov, recommends adding something a bit different to enhance the gin:

“Lunar Gin lends itself to the addition of black pepper to accentuate the top notes of this gin. A stunning sundowner would be a Moonlight Buck, a combination of Hendrick’s Lunar, ginger ale and lemon juice, garnished with cucumber and a twist of lemon,” she said.

Hendrick’s Lunar Gin (70cl, 43.4% ABV) will be available online and in-store from Harvey Nichols from 20th February.

Please enjoy Scottish Gin responsibly.

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