A cherry treat from Makar Gin in time for Valentine’s Day

The team at The Glasgow Distillery are incredibly proud of their multi-award-winning Makar Cherry Gin and know it will be a firm favourite for gin-lovers this Valentine’s Day, so if you ❤️this delightful cherry-infused gin, you’re in for a treat this year!

Makar Gin has released some exclusive Makar Cherry Gin Valentine’s Day bundles, and there are two exciting choices for you to love!

Makar Cherry Gin is flavoured by soaking ripe cherries and a handful of pink peppercorns in Makar Original Dry Gin – before pressing to release maximum flavour, 100% natural flavour and no added colouring.

The resulting gin has the unmistakable flavour of ripe cherry, along with rich juniper and spiciness from the pink peppercorns. The colour has a rich hint of cherry and it’s amazing in a fruity cocktail or classic G&T.

Gin and chocolates? What’s not to love! Surprise your Valentine this year with a bottle of Makar Cherry Gin and a box of hand-crafted gin-infused chocolates, produced in collaboration with artisanal chocolatier, Sugarsnap. 

Each chocolate contains Makar Cherry Gin with 75% Single Origin Tanzanian Chocolate. Get the set for £30 here.

Or how about this Valentine’s Day bundle of Makar Cherry Gin Hearts and a selection of Makar Gin Chocolate Hearts. For £18 here.

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