The Yin of Gin

Last Saturday we took part in an incredible experience at One Square at The Sheraton Hotel, Edinburgh. One Square has been part of the Scottish Gin movement for a number of years, with their own One Square Gin made by Summerhall Distillery, the home of Pickering’s, so they are no strangers to hosting gin events for the Scottish Gin community.

This afternoon session was the first in a series of events hosted by Frazer McGlinchey, an expert in both spirits brands and wellness, alongside Tom Jolly, the new Head of Food and Beverages at the hotel. Each of these talented guys brought their own perspective to what was a really interesting and fun afternoon.

The event was designed to get people together to celebrate craft, community, creativity and kindness by fusing interactive tastings, amazing drinks, relaxation techniques and a unique gin meditation. Designed for people who are either avoiding alcohol altogether, looking for more balance or simply unreconstructed gin lovers, like us. But most importantly, it’s aim was to give us all some inspiration, positivity and good vibes.

We were delighted to see that there were some great Scottish Gin brands on offer, including Seven Crofts, Arbikie, Edinburgh Gin and of course One Square’s own gin.
We were treated to gin as well as no and low ‘gin’, then we all sat down together, total strangers apart from our shared love of this new holistic approach to drinking gin (or not).

Frazer expertly guided us through the meditation, which was fantastic – shutting out all the noise and truly appreciating what we had in our hands. Something we should all perhaps do a little bit more often.
Our key take-home thought from this unique event was to be kind and be mindful.
Please drink Scottish Gin responsibly.

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