Introducing Cairngorm Gin

Jack Smith, was born and raised in the valley of the River Spey, at the heart of the Scottish Highlands. He and his family have lived in the Cairngorms National Park for decades and this has instilled deep love and respect for the outdoors and the native flora and fauna that surrounds their home.

It was this love and respect for his beautiful surroundings that inspired Jack to create Cairngorm Gin. Having travelled to follow his family tradition of working in the culinary field and serving alongside Michelin-starred chefs, Jack decided to return to the Highlands and the idea of creating a premium gin that represented the stunning surroundings grew.

The brand’s ethos is “inspired by the land we live in” and when Jack was developing the recipe for Cairngorm Gin they took inspiration from the vast mountain ranges and thick pine forests that surrounded them. 

The recipe for the gin was created and refined by Jack, along with Distiller Lewis Scothern and they believe that they are the first gin producer in the UK to feature cloudberries as a key botanical.

The Cloudberry is an arctic berry which grows on the Cairngorm Mountain summit. As they are now very scarce, The Cairngorm Gin team are trying to preserve the long-forgotten flavour and re-introducing it in their gin.

Cairngorm Gin is a hand-crafted artisan gin produced in small batches, of no more than 70 bottles, in a traditional copper pot still named ‘Ginger’ after Jack’s late grandfather.

It is made using nine botanicals and fresh water that they collect and filter from the River Spey, resulting in a  floral, fruity gin with subtle earthy tones that can be enjoyed neat over ice or with premium tonic, a slice of green apple, and a raspberry and blackberry to enhance the cloudberry tones.

Cairngorm Gin is available to buy from their website.

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