New gin made using Scottish tea launched

If you love a cup of tea as well as a nice G&T, then you might be interested in GINTI.

GINTI is a Scottish tea gin made with single estate Scottish tea all grown from seed on the family farm in Stirlingshire.

It’s a London dry style gin, with its unique flavour coming from steeping the tea cold overnight in the gin still.

What does GINTI mean? Well, the word Tì derives from the Gaelic word for tea. So the name is a nod to both their Scottish heritage and the history of the Scotsman, James Taylor, who introduced the first tea plantations to Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) in the 1800s.

Made on behalf of the team at Kinrara, in the Cairngorms.

The team behind GINTI say it’s best served over ice, with regular tonic and a sliver of lemon rind. Sound good? You can buy GINTI here.

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