Lidl launches new Scottish Gin Festival this week

It’s time to get yourself down to Lidl again this week, as they launch their latest Scottish Gin Festival on 31st October. Pop into any Scottish branch of Lidl and you will be able to purchase a range of gins, sourced from artisan distilleries all over Scotland.

From Aberdeen, you have the enlightened House of Elrick Gin, available for £24.99, made with purified water from Loch Ness and botanicals grown in their own gardens.

Staying in Aberdeen, the Festival also features House of Botanicals Raspberry Old Tom Gin. For £24.99, you can buy this gin that is lightly sweetened with Scottish raspberry, juniper and subtle spices with a fragrant finish.

Another fruity Scottish Gin, The award-winning Makar Cherry Gin is distilled in Glasgow and is available for £18.99.

Isle of Bute Heather and Pink Grapefruit Gin sounds amazing and is being offered for £22.99 – ideal served with tonic, fresh raspberries and pink grapefruit wedge.

If you fancy a bit of magic in your gin this Halloween, try the Old Curiosity colour-changing Milk Thistle and Chamomile for £19.99, distilled just outside Edinburgh.

There are 2 expressions of Shetland Reel Gin to choose from, citrusy Grapefruit Gin, or if you prefer something spicier, there is Wild Fire Spiced Gin, both £24.99.

And if you like citrus gins, you can try Silverglas Valencian Orange Gin from Royal Deeside. Refreshing and zesty, it’s on sale for £19.99.

Another warm and spicy gin is Crabbie’s Old Tom, distilled and aged in oak barrels in Leith, Edinburgh, it’s available for £19.99.

Finally, if you’re looking for a non-alcoholic option, you can try CeroCero Gin from Inverclyde for £9.99, with all the flavour of gin, but zero alcohol.

All gins are in 70cl bottles and there is also a range of great tonics on offer in the festival. It’s a fantastic opportunity for you to try a new Scottish Gin. Available while stocks last, so make sure you get there early to grab your choice!

Please enjoy Scottish Gin responsibly.


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