Glaswegin wins top Scottish packaging award

The Scottish Design Awards were held on Thursday 22nd August in Glasgow, an event to celebrate the best of Scottish Design this year. And we were very excited to see the wonderful Glaswegin bottle receive recognition as it came out top in the packaging category.

Glaswegin knew they had a design challenge when they entered into the busy Scottish Gin market. So they were looking to create something extraordinary to set it apart from the rest.

Produced in close collaboration with Suisse Design, Glasgow, the much-admired bottle came out top of the category, beating other Scottish Gin finalists, Lind & Lime and Hills and harbour. In their entry they stated:

The objective from the very start was to steer clear of what we saw as the ‘norm in a great many of the competitors. The failing with most as we saw it was their presence behind the bar on the gantry. Bottles need to work very hard there. This is a very important part of the sales mix. Our simple design solution and very simple palette make that powerful in that we have typographic scale and stark contrast with the monochrome treatment. It’s stand out is powerful. The simple phonetic treatment of the title (with the turn of the face) emphasises gin and that was done purposely to be read at distance.

Congratulations to the Glaswegin team and Suisse Design for a well-deserved win!

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