Looking for some shimmer?

Looking for an extra bit of shimmer in your life? We have some good news for you!  

Ellis Gin – the Glasgow Based Drinks company has added a third gin to their premium gin range.  They say their focus for creating the new distinctive flavour was to bing a bit of shimmer to gin-lovers.

Ellis Gin No.4 is a Pink Shimmer Gin.  It’s baby pink in colourand you just give the bottle a little shake to see the Gold shimmer come alive.

Ellis Gin No.4 has the same base botancials as Ellis Gin No.1, (juniper, citrus peel, coriander, angelica and orris root), Alongside this Strawberry syrup is added to give the gin a gorgeous flavour and its sweet pink colour.  It looks beautifully sweet, but you shouldn’t be deceived, as it is still very much a gin with 40% ABV.

The perfect serve for Ellis Pink Shimmer is over ice served with tonic (or lemonade) and garnished with strawberries

Ellis Gin has another two gins in their range – Ellis No.2 is the Scottish Bramble Gin – a beautiful red gin with a lovely florally taste but with a little spice aftertaste.  And Ellis Gin No.3 – Butterfly Pea – a beautiful deep blue gin which mysteriously changes to a luscious lilac when the mixer is added.  Like Ellis No.4, the Bramble and Butterfly Pea not only look great – but taste fantastic too.

Want to try one of these gins? Check out the Ellis website for your nearest stockist.

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