Kintyre Gin produce new Navy Strength expression

Kintyre Gin have launched their very first navy strength gin and we can all get to try it soon!

The new expression was originally produced as a Kintyre Gin Club special bottling after they launched the gin at the Malts Festival open day and it went down a storm. 

With the working title, Strong and Spicy, it has been available to Kintyre gin club members for the past month and they say the initial feedback has been very enthusiastic. 

Kintyre Gin says:

It is an aromatic spirit, very smooth and full of flavour.  The nose is light with delicate floral notes, warming into gentle spice and pine aromas. 

It is sweet and light on the palate with a floral midsection and a dry, lingering spice finish. 

Navy strength means it is bottled at 57% vol which sounds eye-wateringly hefty but thanks to their expert distillers, Su and Gareth, the spirit is very smooth and drinkable – even neat! 

The recommended serve is a light tonic with a garnish of pink peppercorns.

While this gin is still only available to Kintyre Gin Club members, they promise they will incorporate this gin into the core range, so it will be available to all.

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