Gin with altitude from Pickering’s

Pickering’s Gin team are always busy experimenting, innovating and ‘Gin-venting’, and this week, they have announced some highly exciting news… the world’s first high altitude gin.
Have you ever wondered what happens to gin at 30,000 feet?
Probably not.
But that’s the kind of question the Pickering’s team, Marcus Pickering and Matt Gammell sit up at night pondering. No really, they do!
So they have come up with the world’s first ever high-altitude gin that is botanically engineered to be enjoyed at 30,000 feet.
Here’s the science:
At 30,000 feet our taste receptors are significantly suppressed.
Air pressure, lack of humidity and even the hum of plane engines can render many flyers unable to discern sweet and salty flavours effectively.

So Pickering’s tried and tested a bunch of new recipes to find a perfectly balanced gin, whose flavour profile shifts, the higher you fly.

This new expression is composed of 10 botanicals including rose, Scottish heather, and lemon myrtle to add a sweet zestiness without the bitter notes that often accompany citrus, for a perfect finish at all altitudes. 
Pickering’s British Airways Centenary Gin is available to try now on board all British Airways short-haul flights, for the rest of their Centenary year. And you can even buy a mini Pickering’s gift pack on board.

We applaud the gin-ius of the Pickerings team and can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

Please enoy gin responsibly – especially in the air!

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