Springmount Gin launch a new range of Scottish Gins

Emma and Joe, the couple behind the Springmount Gin Brand, recently got in touch with us and kindly sent us samples of their three new gin expressions, which are launching soon.

Based in Lancashire this is a bit of departure, in so far as it is a Scottish Distillery making the gin – The Lost Loch Distillery in Aboyne. 

So, how did Springmount come to be? Despite trying over 100 different gins Emma and Joe couldn’t find that perfect one. So, they started cold compounding their own gin using vodka and various botanicals. Friends and family became their taste panel, and the results were so encouraging that they were inundated with requests for more to gift and to drink. 

After many a late-night discussion – which is a common theme through the couples who embark on this journey together, they decided to investigate distilling rather than cold compounding. Being complete novices at distillation, they decided it was best to bring in an expert. It was incredibly important that they found someone with the same ethos for quality and originality and an ability to go with the flow during recipe creation. 

They contacted around 80 different distilleries and got 12 responses back, with only one who was willing to go through the whole process step by step with them. It was very important essential they knew exactly what was going in to their gin and how each botanical reacted with the flavour profile, and their involvement in crafting their range of gins, has been completely hands on.

Strawberry and Raspberry

There is definitely the DNA of eeNoo in this gin, as we said when we first tasted eeNoo, it tastes of summer, and this gin is the same. It is bursting with berry sweetness and is exceptionally smooth neat.

On the nose: bursting with the scent of summer

On the palate: sweet with red berries, but not in an overpowering claggy way

On the finish: long, lingering berry notes.

Springmount say: Perfect served with a premium Mediterranean tonic and a slice of strawberry. 

We had it with a premium Indian tonic and it was refreshing and moreish, however, this is a great sipping gin.

Lavender and Lemongrass

On the nose: reminiscent of a meadow, or even your back garden!

On the palate: herbaceous and lightly floral lavender gives way to lemongrass

On the finish: warming, finishing with piney notes of juniper at the end.

Springmount say: is great neat or served with a slice of lemon and a premium Mediterranean tonic. 

We had it with both an Indian tonic; and a Lemongrass tonic – which really brought the lemongrass to life.

Mint and Lime

On the nose: mint is the dominant aroma, but it’s not overpowering

On the palate: the mint almost tastes like spearmint, and is complemented with the lime

On the finish: fresh and crisp, and perfectly balanced.

Springmount say: Perfect served with a premium Mediterranean tonic and a ribbon of lime.

We followed this recommendation, and had a long lively G&T.

We will bring you more news on this exciting range of gins when they launch, in the meantime, you can visit their website for more information.

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