The Gin Clan – a new book that tells the stories of Scottish Gins

The gin scene in Scotland is a big deal and we’re very proud to be at the heart of it. On the latest count, there were more than 200 Scottish Gins on the market and more on the way. So we were delighted to help author, Fiona Laing research her new book about Scottish Gin that goes behind the gin.

The Gin Clan tells the stories of the distillers and makers who are creating passionately conceived and beautifully crafted gins, using the finest of locally-sourced ingredients. 

The Gin Clan lists the 77 members of the Distilling Clan – those who make gin with their own still – and the 58 Kith and Kin – the makers, creators and brand owners who have gin made for them in Scotland and elsewhere; the cuckoo distillers who make their gin on other people’s stills and makers who use compounding techniques to create “bathtub” gins. 

As we have learned over the years, gin makers come from all walks of life – In the Gin Clan, you will meet:

•    The gardener who found his flowers make gin that changes colour.
•    The farmer who started distilling as a way to use up wonky potatoes. 
•    The gin distilled beneath Edinburgh’s pavements.
•    The whisky distiller who created a gin with the botanicals on his island doorstep.

The reasons that all these producers chose to make gin are as numerous as the entries in the book. The dreams of the makers are at the heart of Scotland’s gin boom. The Gin Clan is a celebration of Scotland’s signature gins and all the distilleries that make them.

Oh, and there’s even an interview with our very own Brand Ambassador, Aly in there!

Fiona Laing has used her experience as a journalist to tell the stories of those dreams in a comprehensive and entertaining guide to the Scottish Gin scene.

Released in time for Mother’s Day on 31 March, the Gin Clan book will make the perfect gift for your mum, or for anyone who likes gin.

Beautifully illustrated throughout, this book makes the ideal gift for gin lovers. It’s available in bookshops or you can buy online here.

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