The new romantics

While researching our upcoming Valentine’s Day content, it became clear to us that gin and romance go hand in hand.

It seems Scottish Gin producers have noticed this too, and this year we’ve seen some beautiful Valentines-inspired gins coming onto the market.

So if you want to treat the one you love, or simply spoil yourself – here’s a round-up of some of the best romantic Scottish Gin releases this year.


Makar Cherry Gin Hearts

These little Cherry Gin Hearts from Makar are a great gift for gin-lovers this valentine’s day. Each one contains 6cl of Makar Cherry Gin and is adorned with a Makar Gin ribbon and gift wrapped in branded Makar tissue. Makar Cherry Gin is made by soaking ripe cherries and a few pink peppercorns in Makar Original Dry Gin – before pressing to release maximum flavour and vibrant cherry colour.

Old Curiosity Apothecary Rose colour-changing Gin


This quaint and delicate gin stirs up romantic thoughts at any time, as the liquid naturally turns gold to pink when tonic is added. However, the lovely Hamish from Old Curiosity Distillery is making our hearts beat a bit faster with added rose petals. Until the end of March, every 50cl bottle of The Old Curiosity’s Apothecary Rose gin will come with a free bag of pink rose petals to garnish.

Edinburgh Valentine’s Gin

Not a new expression, Edinburgh Gin have been producing their special Valentine’s Gin since 2015. Chamomile, lemon balm, lemongrass and Kaffir lime leaf combine to give a light, citrus freshness to the gin, while the rose and hibiscus flowers impart delicate floral notes and create its signature pink hue. This year, they have added botanical bouquets to their offering. Using the same botanicals as the Valentine’s Gin, each bouquet contains an arrangement of chamomile daisies, hot pink rose petals and aromatic lavender resulting in a multi-sensory match that they say is “quite literally love at first sight, scent and sip.”

Love Ness Valentine Gin


If you’re looking for a real & rare exclusive Valentine’s Gift – Loch Ness Spirits have created a special expression for Valentine’s Day. Their classic London Dry style gin has been inf.used with berries and rose petals enclosed in a beautiful heart-shaped bottle. There are only 100 bottles available though, so you’d better buy quickly.


Eden Mill Love Gin

The original Scottish Gin of love makes an excellent gift for Valentine’s Day. The pale pink spirit brings together a blend of botanicals and exotic fruits. This pink gin is a pale colour when poured and when diluted, sweet vanilla and floral notes are brought out. Available in a box set with two tulip glasses, it is sure to bring out the romantic in you.


Rock Rose Pink Grapefruit Old Tom Gin


Okay, so it’s not a Valentine’s special edition gin, but we think this new release of this sweet and zesty Old Tom would be a fantastic gift for someone you love. Created using fresh, organic pink grapefruit peel and muscovado sugar, this promises wonderful fresh citrus flavour with a beautiful sweetness. The bottle design is a thing of beauty too.



Redcastle Raspberry & Pomegranate Heart

A beautiful glass heart, Individually engraved and wax dipped and filled with Redcastle’s delicious Raspberry & Pomegranate liqueur. Delicious on its own or as part of a fruity cocktail, these are sure to have hearts beating a bit faster.


We hope you enjoy Valentine’s Day, whatever you’re doing and please enjoy your Scottish Gin responsibly.

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