New Mackintosh Gin review

We were one of the lucky ones to get a sample of Mackintosh Gin through the post, in a perfect little gift pack, and what a joy – I love Haribo.

This latest Scottish gin, comes from husband and wife team Jim and Deborah, distilled in Angus. It is made using 9 carefully selected botanicals including fresh grapefruit and elderflower.

There is no perfect serve, just your preferred serve, as we always say ‘drink it your way’. We tried it with Fever Tree Mediterranean tonic, plenty of ice and a slice of pink grapefruit.

So, the moment of truth: what does it taste like?
On the nose: juniper led
On the palate: starts with a heady hit of juniper, then citrus notes start to develop
On the finish: with the addition of tonic and garnish the gin opens up, then floral notes emerge, it has a long crisp finish.
The grapefruit added to the sharp citrus burst, but it’s ultimately a well-balanced gin with the juniper remaining present throughout.

Batch 1 of Mackintosh Gin is bottled and being dispatched this week and we’ll be proud to add this new addition to our A-Z of Scottish Gins.

Please drink gin responsibly.

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