New Gin Bramble Liqueur from Colonsay Gin

It’s a fact we might not want to face just yet, but summer is drawing to an end, but we can always look forward to the comforts that autumn brings, not to mention the wonderful tastes and flavours.
It is with thoughts of Autumn in mind that Wild Thyme Spirits, has launched Colonsay Gin Bramble Liqueur in a 50cl bottling, ready for the change of seasons.
The blackberry-based liqueur is an autumnal variation of Wild Thyme Spirits’ Colonsay Gin which is now made on the beautiful Hebridean island. Colonsay Gin draws from Scottish folklore and the Bramble Liqueur derives inspiration from the ancient Scots tradition of the ‘tree calendar’ in which the bramble vine represented the month of Muin – or September as it is known today – as this was when bramble fruits were gathered.
Described as ‘The perfect September tipple’ the liqueur is infused with the finest blackberries, hand-foraged from the hedgerows across the island of Colonsay in the Hebrides where the gin is distilled. The result is a full-bodied, rich liqueur, with a beautiful distinctive taste, subtle aroma and vibrant colour.
Wild Thyme Spirits recommend that the liqueur is delicious served over ice or topped with Champagne or Prosecco for a seasonal sparkle.  We look forward to bringing you our review very soon!

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