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How’s that for alliteration? We usually don’t write about makers we meet off-site, as we know you all love to hear about the distilleries we visit.

However, I met Euan McVicar the other week to chat about one of the latest gins to hit our shelves, Biggar Gin.   Despite only having launched in April of this year Biggar Gin came first in the London Dry Gin category at the global Gin Guide Awards 2018.

Euan and his brother Stuart are the force behind Biggar Gin, and they have big plans for their brand. They have spent the last year perfecting and honing their small-batch gin. Currently, they are going through the planning process to build their own distillery, so in the meantime are using stills at Strathearn to make their gin themselves.

The brothers have land beside an old water mill, which has a natural water source and they have been busy handpicking three of their core botanicals – rowan berry, rosehip and nettle. Euan and Stuart have been planting other botanicals, in a bid to make the distillery as sustainable as possible.

The story that really captured my imagination was how the family sit around the kitchen table of the family home preparing rowan berries for jam and all manner of tasty things. I have a romanticised vision of that table, as we used to have one in our house, it was a table that was scuffed and full of character.

Their rowan berry blog is live on their site click here to read more.

So, what does it taste like? It leads with juniper, and a fruitiness from the berries and citrus, which then give way to warming spicy notes. I urge you to try this small batch gin.


Alison Higgins

Brand Ambassador

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