The Shetland Distillery Company launches video as part of a Shetland Dialect Innovation Grant 

The Shetland Distillery Company,  producers of Shetland Reel Gin, is the UK’s northernmost distillery, and the brand has a focus is to encapsulate the uniqueness of the island it is made on.

One of the key focuses of the Distillery’s business model is upporting the local community across Shetland as a whole – and more locally in Unst. So, the company has big plans for the future and receiving a Dialect Innovation Grant is the next step in the journey. The grant aims to secure the future of local jobs and boost business in Shetland by attracting more tourists to the island

Although modern Shetland Dialect is widely spoken, its use is in decline: things such as the exclusion of the dialect from school in the early to mid 20thCentury, the introduction of mass media and an increasing influx of population from outside the isles have all contributed. Nowadays, there is a great emphasis on protecting and promoting the dialect which is a fundamental part of the Shetland community.

Debbie Strang, the Director of Shetland Distillery commented,“We are always looking for different ways to tell our customers about the uniqueness of Unst and Shetland and we hope by capturing the charm of the local dialect through our marketing and promotion efforts we can draw people to our very special islands.  The grant from HIE has enabled us to work more closely with the community on this project, engage with local companies including Keiba Film for the videos and NB Communication and share what is so special about Shetland.”

In the long term, creating a stronger business and attracting more visitors to the distillery on Unst will secure the future of local job opportunities. Developing the distillery as an attraction will bring more tourists onto the island and increase spending in other local businesses on the island including restaurants, accommodation and local shops.

Watch the video here.

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