Wild Island Gin release ‘Sacred Tree’

Wild Island Botanic Gin from the remote Hebridean island of Colonsay, has launched its second permanent expression exactly a year after the release of its first.

‘Sacred Tree’ uses an array of carefully selected Autumn fruits, including brambles hand gathered on the island, added to a composition totalling 22 individual botanicals to create an complex, ripe fruit, spicy-sweet contemporary London Dry style gin.

Colonsay Beverages began work on the gin last year with its partner distiller, Langley Distillery, under the guiding hand of one of the world’s most renowned Master Gin Makers, Rob Dorsett. After a rigorous process of testing and trialling, the company is confident that the final result is a gin that “has the Wild Island DNA running through its core but offers a subtly different flavour profile lending itself to diverse mixer and cocktail serves”.

While the additional fruits – brambles, rosehip, redcurrants, elderberries, rowan berries and crab apple – have a distinct seasonal feel, Wild Island’s plants-woman gathered enough when it was ripe and ready for picking to meet anticipated demand for the year ahead.

“We gathered and dried the fruits to preserve them for year round production” noted Director, Keith Bonnington.

“The ripe dark fruit notes push through to make this new expression fit perfectly with the increasing demand for more contemporary styles of gin, even within the London Dry category and the trend for botanical driven flavour exploration.”

“It will sit alongside our original Wild Island Gin, which leads with fresh lemon-citrus notes, as a delicious alternative”.

“A splash of tonic, lots of good ice, a slice of red apple and a scattering of blackberries is all you need to create the perfect refreshing long serve”.

Wild Island Botanic Gin ‘Sacred Tree’ is being produced 1,000 bottles per release and the producers have planned two pre-Christmas bottlings to meet anticipated demand for the product.



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