My first foray into the magical world of Scottish Gin

When I tell people I am the Brand Ambassador for the Scottish Gin Society, they think I have the best job in the world, and so far I can’t disagree. The one misconception is that I drink gin all day, every day, I don’t! I do like a tipple, clearly, but the best bit for me is getting out and about and meeting the people behind the gin.

So far, I have met some of the most creative, innovative, passionate and talented people that I could ever hope to meet, and that is what makes this job so special, and I’m looking forward to meeting many more.

This is a new role, and after a 3 week trip with my family, I have started in earnest. In the last 2 weeks, I have been behind the scenes at Summerhall, on the Edinburgh Gin tour, listened to a super interesting gin debate, made my own gin at Crossbill, met makers face to face and long distance calling, and attended the launch of Gin 71’s Scottish Gin Festival.

Particularly exciting is the upcoming inagural Scottish Gin Awards, an event we are sponsoring and that will see the best of the Scottish Gin world brought together for one amazing evening.

At The Scottish Gin Society, we’re passionate about Scottish Gin.  The drink, the distilleries, the provenance, the people… Our mission is to promote the wonderful world of Scottish Gin and get people tasting, trying, debating and experimenting.  We believe that Scottish Gin is the best in the world and I am looking forward to the adventure my role as Brand Ambassador of The Scottish Gin Society will take me on.

Alison Higgins, Brand Ambassador, The Scottish Gin Society

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