McQueen Gin plans to expand with 2nd Still – you can help!

After just 1 year since the launch of McQueen Gin, Trossachs Distillery needs to expand by purchasing a second Still and they need your help.

McQueen Gin launched on the 3rd of June in 2016, arriving in a fast growing market with a new style of gin. Everything from the beautiful Cobalt blue ceramic bottles to the distilled signature botanicals, has made this gin unique.

Dale & Vicky McQueen started their journey with a desire to have a change of career and produce fabulous gin. Dale from an engineering background and fascinated by the distillation process, and Vicky as a retired chef, combined their skills and produced 4 unqiue gins.  Sweet Citrus, Smokey Chilli, Mocha and Chocolate Mint. Four gins that stood out in a market crowded with undistinguished Dry Gin. Little Maggie the copper Still, was ordered from Germany and the task to find a home for the new venture started.

After just a year in production, McQueen Gin is ready to scale up. For this we need a second Still, our crowdfunding project will reward supporters with 2 exclusive gins, limited to 500 bottles of each, signed and numbered by the Head Distiller. The 2 new gins will not be for sale via any other route, and will be made using sets of botanicals not combined in our Gins before. Each of the 500 supporters will also get a dog tag with their name engraved, placed on Little Maggie – showing your support. Along with a certificate of thanks.

You can be part of this exciting new venture by pledging support here.

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