I’ve always been a gin drinker

Like many of us, I’ve always been a gin drinker. But the World of Gin has changed and will never be the same again. Only three years ago, my own gin world was Gordon’s and not much else. Stocks of my favourite 47% proof export strength, would be regularly topped up coming through the ‘duty free’ shops at Geneva or Faro.

Nowadays, the chances of me drinking Gordon’s, Schweppes Tonic and Lemon are about as rare as a sighting of The Loch Ness Monster!

Back in 2013, my friend Liam Hughes was embarking on the entrepreneurial dream of a lifetime – setting up his very own distillery in Glasgow.

The first distillery in Glasgow for over 200 years and a reincarnation of the, largely unknown, distilling tradition here. I was keen to be involved and, for a while, followed his journey – helping with the business plan and looking to drum up investment.

Then, a wealthy investor came in to provide all of the initial funding and, only three years after the first bottles were hand-filled, it’s rapidly becoming one of the most recognised craft brands around the world.

However, my interest in the brave new world of craft gin was kindled and it’s turning out to be an exciting chapter of my life.


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