2017 Scottish Gin Map from 5pm

The popular Gin Map of Scotland has been updated for 2017 – with an amazing 25 new Scottish gins. The stunning map, created by restaurant and hotel booking website 5pm.co.uk, launched in time for World Gin Day on June 10.

Can you believe that 25 new Scottish gins have launched in the last year alone taking the total number of gins on the map to 53 – a visual representation of the Scottish gin boom that we’re proud to be leading!

Notable new gins on the map include LoneWolf Gin, produced by craft beer giants BrewDog, two gins from Orkney, Kirkjuvagr and Johnsmas, Misty Isle Gin from Skye, Ginerosity, a social enterprise gin from Edinburgh, along with many more. The gins reflect the creativity and resourcefulness of the Scottish craft gin market, many of which have beautifully designed bottles, locally foraged botanicals, and exotic garnishes, including kiwi fruit (Shetland Reel) and torn bay leaf (Bardowie Gin).

Scottish gin fans who would like to put the map up on their kitchen wall can download the map for free on 5pm.co.uk.

The days of Scottish gin being considered an artisan fad are over!

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