Deeside Distillery

Deeside Distillery, formerly known as Twin River Distillery is a micro distillery and it is thought to be the first new distillery in Royal Deeside for almost 200 years. Part of Deeside Brewery in Banchory, the distillery combines traditional brewing practices with craft distilling techniques to produce a range of spirits. Plans are afoot to move to a bigger site in 2018 that will be open to visitors.

Andrew Tulloch, master distiller uses their own grain neutral spirit, which is made from a by-product of the brewery to create their gin. They have also created the world’s strongest gin, Twin River Naked Gin Uncut at a staggering 77% ABV.

Announced 02/05/2018: Twin River Gin will be renamed Still River Gin.


The Steading, Lochton of Leys, Banchory, AB31 5QB

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