The Pentland Still

Alexander Morrison has two passions – hiking and gin. So, in July 2018 after some experimentation King’s Hill Gin was born, made on Marion his 200 litre Portuguese copper still named after his beloved late granny. The Pentland Hills gave the maker the inspiration for King’s Hill Gin.

Not only do the Pentlands, on the outskirts of Edinburgh have an abundance of wild botanicals – rosehips, elderflower, heather and gorse; it has quite an incredible story of how King’s Hill one of the many hills that make up the range came to be.

King Robert the Bruce, stood upon this hill to witness the outcome of a bet with a fellow nobleman, Sir William “The Crusader” Sinclair of Roslin. The wager – catch the elusive white Pentland Stag. The stakes – The King’s Pentland Estate against Sinclair’s head. Sinclair was victorious, saved only by the fleetness of his hounds Help & Hold, and named the hill side in the King’s honour.


Dryden Road
EH20 9LZ
United Kingdom

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