The Lilliard Ginnery

Lilliard Ginnery is home to a ‘tiny micro-distillery’.  Nestled by the River Teviot in the heart of the Scottish Borders, the lush rolling hills offer endless opportunities for wild harvest. It is a distilling tradition to give a still a female name, but at the Lilliard Ginnery there’s Donald, and he’s one of the smallest working stills in the UK.

Lilliard Gin School – You can spend an afternoon distilling your own gin under the watchful eye of Kate, the head distiller. Learn about how gin is made, then design and create your own unique gin recipe in one of the beautiful school stills. You’ll enjoy an insight into the world of craft distilling and have the opportunity for a truly hands-on creative experience.



Lanton Mill, Jedburgh, TD8 6ST

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