Little Brown Dog

This may be a small distillery, but the team has big ideas and flavours. They distill and bottle on site using their 100 litre and 10 litre copper pot stills for the rectification of GNS. The experimental spirit series are small batch projects. Each project is a one off not to be repeated and is based on a theme or idea.

projectAFG was the first in the experimental spirits series. It was a statement of intent and a manifesto on transparency, accountability and provenance. The team wanted to increase awareness of the different production processes and promote the excellent rectifying and distilling scene in Scotland. It was designed as a complex sipping gin with robust juniper, floral and perfumed. The production process is listed in detail on the website along with the origins of every single ingredient.

Tours can be offered by appointment.


West Aquhorthies Farm
AB51 5JY

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