Isle of Bute Gin

Isle of Bute, a tiny Scottish island is the inspiration behind Isle of Bute Small Batch Gins, crafted with love and care in the west of Scotland.

Head Distiller, Simon Tardivel, has worked all over the world as a multi-award-winning brewer and alcohol expert, before falling in love with the Isle of Bute while living there. He sourced botanicals from the island and nearby areas, to create unique craft gins that showcase the true spirit of Scotland.

It was here he was inspired to create what he believes to be the world’s first Oyster Gin. Charging his still with oysters, fresh from the Argyll Coast and a mix of citrus and local botanicals.

Simon and his gorgeous copper still have taken up residence in Glasgow to launch production, the first steps on a road that will hopefully lead to finding a permanent home on his favourite Scottish island in 2020.


Block 5
Unit 1 Oakbank Industrial Estate
30 Oakbank Street
Glasgow G20 7LU

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