Ice & Fire Distillery

Ice & Fire Distillery was born from our local area and a family of Highland Crofters wanting to try something different to sustain our crofting lives.

We ensure authenticity throughout our brand by using natural home-grown ingredients in our spirits. Our ethos is to combine our knowledge and skills in distilling with our passion for the ingredients we use, to ensure that every bottle of spirits we produce is truly hand crafted, small batch and artisan. It is not just ingredients that goes into our bottles, it is our soul and character.

We have tried to instil our background and heritage into the bottle, label and branding of our designs. The label represents the area we live in with the mountains of Morven and Scaraben, the crofthouse and the Wade bridge at Latheronwheel. The stag harks back to our heritage with Iain, our distiller, having been a gamekeeper all of his life.


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