Snawstorm Scottish Gin

Distilled in Scotland by The Speyside Vodka Co.

This Speyside Distillery sources what’s known as ‘new-make’ spirit from one of the local
whisky distilleries which we use as a key ingredient to make their
award-winning vodka and soon realised the flavour profile had great
potential to be used as a base spirit for a gin

The key botanicals are dried Spanish oranges, fresh lime peel and Scots
pine needles, that deliver sweet and citrus notes to perfectly compliment
the juniper, fresh lime peel, and dried orange.
The finished product is a juniper-forward gin with a fresh citrus zing
followed by a subtle, smooth earthy dryness coming from the cubebs,
cassia bark and almonds.

Bottled at 42% ABV

Suggested serve is with premium tonic and a slice of lemon.
Swap the lemon for a couple of raspberries for an equally refreshing


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