Selkie Old Tom Berries & Prosecco

Distilled in Scotland

Old Poison Distillery

First Produced


Still Type

Copper pot Still

  The Selkie Old Tom Berries & Prosecco Story

Old Poison, a small craft distillery based in Edinburgh’s iconic Biscuit Factory, describes itself as a “Scottish Distillery with Italian Flair”, and with the vibrant Fabrizio at the helm, we are sure never to be disappointed with their gin offerings.

And what could be more Italian (or suited to this time of year) than an Old Tom Gin that’s created using the finest Italian Prosecco and luscious red berries? So, what’s the story behind the gin? Well, to begin with, Old Poison is a Scottish speakeasy craft distillery, founded by mixologist Fabrizio Cioffi, established in 2017. After many years of experimentation and looking to find a truly unique flavour combining only the finest herbs, fruits and spices, the signature gin – Their original gin, Selkie was created.

Fast forward a few years and still experimenting, Fabrizio decided to create a gin & Prosecco on the rocks! So he combined a wonderful quality of Italian Prosecco with a tiny bit of organic cane sugar and sous vide for 24 hours at low temperature without burning off the Prosecco flavour, then combined it with their gin and let infuse with Scottish red berries for 2 weeks! The resulting gin? An utterly unique blend of flavours that is perfect for a festive tipple!

  Key Botanicals

  • Orange

  • Berries

  • Prosecco

  Tasting Notes

Sweet notes of Scottish berries blended with a handmade fresh premium Italian Prosecco and a zesty orange kick.

Fabrizio says he loves to drink it with Fever-Tree Mediterranean tonic orange slice and red berries.

  Key Personnel

  • Fabrizio Cioffi – Director

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