Secret Garden Gin – Wild Gin

Distilled in Scotland

The Secret Garden Distillery

First Produced


Still Type

Copper Stills

  The Secret Garden Gin – Wild Gin Story

Hamish Martin spent many years working successfully as a wine merchant, but following his heart, he began to pursue his lifelong passion for plants by returning to study and gaining a Herbology Diploma. In 2012, Hamish and his wife, Liberty took a big gamble and bought a derelict plot of land outside Edinburgh. With Hamish’s love of things that grow and Liberty’s passion for all things vintage, the overgrown lowlands have since become an award-winning herb nursery, local arts centre, shop and café. The Secret Herb Garden has over 600 naturally-grown and tendered varieties of herbs that have been used in the production of many wonderful natural products: candles, beer, wine, and herbal salts among them, as well as providing top Edinburgh restaurants with unique natural ingredients. So, with over 30 years experience in the drinks trade and a passion for creating unique tipples from glorious natural ingredients, it was only natural that Hamish began experimenting in distilling spirits. Beginning by using Apothecary Rose, he discovered a natural reaction that can only be explained by the magic of nature: a natural colour change and this was the magical beginning of Secret Garden Gin. Over time Hamish has developed many more concoctions of fine gin using hand-grown herbs. He then took to exploring a barn full of curious things. Among the odds and sods, and the bits and bobs, Secret garden Distillery was founded in 2017.

Wild plants are The Secret Garden Distillery’s passion, and they encourage them to grow freely. They distil homegrown Bog Myrtle, Nettle and nine other indigenous botanicals with Organic Spirit to create the unique Wild Gin. Naturally herbaceous, this London Dry Gin was made to reflect the wonders of nature.

  Key Botanicals

  • Bog Myrtle
  • Nettle
  • Juniper

  Tasting Notes

Nose: Pine and fresh herbs
Taste: There is juniper up front followed by refreshing herbaceous notes and a natural, fresh sweetness to taste
Finish: A long dry finish

Wild Gin is best served with light tonic and a rosemary garnish.


  • Pink Elderflower and Jasmine Gin
  • Lemon Verbena Gin
  • Geranium and Mallow Gin
  • Damask Rose Gin
  • Chamomile and Cornflower Gin
  • Lavender and Echinaeca Gin
  • Christmas Gin
  • Wild Gin

  Key Personnel

  • Colin Forgie – Operations Director
  • Hamish Martin – MD
  • Marcus Fox – Head of Sales (England)
  • Francesca Martin – Marketing Manager
  • Sam Lowndes – Head Gardener

  The Scottish Gin Society verdict

There is something very satisfying about the Secret Garden Gin bottles to hold, you feel transported back in time, they are a beautiful addition to the gin shelf too. This is just one of the amazing gins produced by the team at The Secret Garden Distillery – if you get the opportunity, we urge you to go and visit the Distillery to experience the sights and smells of the flowers and botanicals they use in the garden, it is a true sensory adventure!

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